Couple’s massages: an unforgettable experience

Have you tried a couple’s massage? Whether you’ve had one or you’ve only seen it in the movies, we’re here today to tempt you with an experience for two that you’re never going to forget. By the time you finish reading this article you’ll probably already have your swimwear in your suitcase and a booking confirmation in your inbox.

Relaxing couple’s massage

However you plan to spend your time at Caldea, combine it with a duo massage and enjoy an experience of shared relaxation. Our treatment menu offers you a choice of couple’s massages of 20 or 30 minutes, or even up to 1 hour, both in Thermoludic and Inúu.
Choose a massage depending on how much time you have available or which part of the body you would like to relax. The 20-minute version is a local massage and you can choose between the back, legs, feet, head or face. The half-hour option is a partial massage for the back of the legs, back and neck. Lastly, the one-hour massage is the most complete and covers almost the entire body; perfect for disconnecting from everything for a while with your partner as you experience the same sensations. You’re guaranteed to love it and you’ll have a great time as just the two of you!

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Personalised wellness for two

To make your duo massage experience even more tailor-made, we invite you to personalise it by choosing the texture and fragrance of the cosmetic products that will be applied during the treatment. You can choose between nourishing oil, smooth and rich cream, wax melts and shea butter, and 6 sensorial escapes that will leave you feeling great. The one-hour 100% customised Sothys massage focuses on relaxing and relieving muscular tension and boosting circulation. It’s the perfect way to put the cherry on top of a spa day at Caldea. 😉

Japanese duo ritual

To complete our range of massages for couples, we would like you to discover a super original and complete treatment that can also be enjoyed together.
We’re talking about the Japanese Duo Ritual, a beauty treatment performed with Sothys natural cosmetic products, which consists of a gentle body peel and a body and foot massage. You’re sure to love it because you can experience it as a couple and it will leave your skin feeling fantastic. And now is the perfect opportunity, as the autumn is a great time to give yourself a skincare boost in preparation for the winter.

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Enjoying a massage as a couple is one of the best experiences you can give yourselves at Caldea, thanks to the moment of intimacy and bonding that you will enjoy together. You can purchase it on its own, or complete it with admission to Thermoludic or Inúu.
One thing is for certain: you’ll never forget this moment of togetherness!


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