Discover “Columba”, a unique space in Andorra

Andorra is home to a varied array of museums and cultural offerings, which has recently been boosted by the opening of the Espai Columba: a little gem of Romanesque art that we recommend you visit on your next trip to Andorra.

Discover Romanesque painting in Andorra

Columba is a museum space which gathers together the knowledge of Romanesque paintings and architecture in Andorra. Its efforts are directed towards the protection, preservation and exhibition of the painted murals on the apse of the Church of Santa Coloma and various ceremonial objects from some of the country’s other churches.

Projection mapping

During your visit, take our advice and don’t miss the Church of Santa Coloma, one of the oldest churches in Andorra and the only one in the entire country with a circular steeple.
Located just a few metres from the Espai Columba, this little church originally contained the frescos that were torn out during the 1930s and then recovered from private owners in 2007.
Inside, you can view a video-mapping projection that will let you take a trip through time to the 12th century to see the church in its intended form. These projections can only be seen on Sundays and holidays at 10.00 a.m. (except for occasional changes due to religious services like weddings, confirmations, christenings, funerals, etc.)


The old quarter of Santa Coloma

Make the most of your visit by taking a stroll through the old heart of Santa Coloma, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Andorra. Its streets and buildings, which were preserved with the intention of keeping stone and wood as the main materials, retain the design of rural 18th century Andorra. A peaceful walk that is suitable for everyone.

If you’re passionate about art, particularly the Romanesque period, don’t hesitate to visit the Espai Columba and the Church of Santa Coloma to see for yourself how the murals were painted in the 12th century, along with other objects of religious significance.

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