Discover one of the most picturesque spots in Andorra: Coll d’Ordino

Vistas a las motanñas de Andorra

Coll d’Ordino is one of Andorra’s most enchanting mountain passes and a great place for tourists to visit where they’ll discover many sights. Do you want to come with us?

A very special forest

A secret is hidden among the mountains on this road: the “Bosc Viu”. A magical forest where both young and old can learn about the legend of tió on a trip through the enchanted pines (the Christmas tió is one of the country’s most popular traditions which takes place on Christmas Eve).
And just this summer, the Bosc Viu in Ordino welcomed some new additions among its trees. An exhibition of artworks that represent mythological creatures, faces and hands as part of a fusion of art and nature.
Both of these exhibitions emphasise the importance of conserving nature.

Coll d’Ordino

This picturesque road, which links the town of Ordino with Canillo, is the departure point for a range of hiking trips, like the Tomb de les Neres and the ascent of Casamanya.
Just a few kilometres above Ordino, you’ll find a vantage point with stunning views of the town, the Andorran peaks of the northern valley and the Casamanya, the highest mountain in the parish.
This route is highly regarded by lovers of road cycling. It’s just one of many cycle tourism routes in our country, with a length of approximately 10 km and a positive elevation gain of 700 metres. The demanding nature of this mountain pass has made it one of the most important of La Vuelta a España’s stages as it passes through the country, and the last to be included this year. It’s also loved by motorcyclists for its beauty and the chance to enjoy all its bends. However, you must make the most of the good weather as the route closes until spring once the first snowfall arrives.

Reaching the top

Enjoy the autumn colours as you drive to the top of the pass. Yellows, oranges, ochres and intense reds paint the hillsides in true impressionist style.
Once you reach the top, stop for a while to admire the scenery or simply to rest. Lie on the grass and let the breeze caress your body. How long has it been since you stretched out in a meadow like you did when you were a child?
Whenever you fancy it, you can make your own way down. You could retrace your steps and head back to Ordino, or carry on along the road to Canillo. If you go for the second option, don’t forget to make a stop at the Mirador del Roc del Quer and one of the mountain taverns that you’ll find along the route, like the Racó de Montaup and La Borda del Pi.

And after discovering new spots in Andorra, finish off the day in Caldea by bathing in thermal water under the night sky… don’t miss it!

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