Cirque du Soleil plus a hotel and admission to Caldea: the best plan for this summer in Andorra

During July, Cirque du Soleil will be back in Andorra with an original never-before-seen show which can only be enjoyed in the principality. A few weeks ago, we gave you a preview of the central theme of Rebel, and now we’ve got more info for you.

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First of all, stay alert! July still seems far away, but time always goes by faster than you expect and in no time summer will be just around the corner. So if you’re thinking about making the trip to enjoy this incredible show that the Canadian company has created especially for Andorra, don’t let the offers we’ve prepared pass you by. They include a 3* or 4* hotel, admission to Caldea and a ticket to see Rebel from the best seats.
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An extraordinary stage

Stage designer, Simon Guilbault, will create a contemporary stage for Rebel where the story will run from sunset to sunrise. The sets will transform with the storyline, moving from the atmosphere of a big nightclub to a waterfront under the stars where we can admire a stunning sunrise.

And the music?

If anything typifies a Cirque du Soleil show, it has to be the music which accompanies the acrobatic numbers. Rebel is a homage to the greatest male stars of all time, and will include hits from Charles Aznavour and Jimi Hendrix, among others. Blues, folk and rock mixed with electric harmonies that successfully resurrect major hits in the present.

Choreography and acrobatics

We’re aware that it’s virtually impossible to describe the choreography in a Cirque du Soleil show, but we’re going to attempt to let you in on a few secrets about the numbers that the circus company has prepared for Andorra. In Rebel, the choreography and the acrobatics that the artists will perform will combine a range of disciplines, such as the aerial Cyr wheel, the oscillating bars, acrobatic skating and pole dancing. Due to the rotation of these disciplines, the audience will feel the emotional ebb and flow of a man’s love which is embodied by the story’s protagonist.

This July, don’t miss the new show that Cirque du Soleil is creating exclusively for Andorra. Check out our section of offers with hotel plus caldea and cirque du soleil and book now at the best possible price.

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