Diva, the new Cirque du Soleil extravaganza in Andorra is now a reality

After months of talking to you about DIVA, Cirque du Soleil’s new production for Andorra is finally here. As sponsors of the event, we were given the privilege of attending the premiere and we are excited to share some images from the big night with you.

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Simply magical

As with all their shows, Cirque du Soleil were able to bring out the child in all of us and make us dream as we watched their creations come to life on stage. And this year, the spectacle was accompanied by classic songs that have been immortalised by the biggest Divas of recent times, which stirred up some long-forgotten memories.

To each, their own story

The story behind each of the songs featured in DIVA will be different for every spectator, as they are inextricably linked to our own personal experiences and adventures. This magic means that everyone will experience the same show in a totally unique, but equally intense, way!

The acrobatics

Spectacular as ever! The fusion of urban dance and classic circus performance numbers creates a life-affirming and energetic mix. The combination of trampoline wall performances, aerial silks, krumping and voguing (street dances) will make you shiver with delight!


Performances of DIVA will take place every day from Tuesday to Saturday until 28 July 2018, with a closing performance on Sunday 29 July.
The one-hour show starts at 22:00, but if you arrive early you can enjoy a 30-minute animation starring the DIVA characters.
The show is performed in a venue covered by a marquee, so there’s no need to worry about the weather 😃

We won’t give away which songs and DIVAs are featured in this wonderful homage to music’s biggest successes, but we suggest that you don’t delay if you still haven’t booked your tickets. Check out our Cirque du Soleil offers and get yours now.

The last tickets are on sale!

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