Caldea is closed in order to face Coronavirus as a prevention measure

The thermal spa takes this decision given the exceptional nature of the situation of a health crisis and with the highest responsibility towards the country

Given the high risk of Coronavirus spread and with the aim of protecting our employees, partners and customers’ health and safety, Caldea will be closed since today as a prevention measure. The Thermal Spa has taken this decision due to the exceptional nature of this situation we are living these days and as an example of responsibility in order to reduce the exposure and spread of the virus. During this period of closure, the company will undertake the maintenance tasks.

Scheduled reopening date
The reopening of Caldea will take place when the health authorities allow it and Caldea will apply all the instructions and recommendations that result from these measures, with the utmost caution, given that our priority is the safety of all people.

Modification and cancellation of reservations
For reservations made through Caldea with arrival date until June 1, 2020, changes and cancellations will be allowed without penalties until May 1, 2020. For reservations made through other agencies, modifications will also apply and cancellations of our services with the same conditions. Send your inquiries by email to

Management of queries
There are many of you who are trying to contact us and, over the next 15 days, we will respond to all your queries. We will solve all cases, treating them one by one.

We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.


    1. Hello Joanthan,

      Please contact our reservations department through the mail:
      Caldea will offer maximum flexibility to modify the date of the reservations and will treat each case individually to resolve the doubts and requests of each client in 15 days.

      Thank you,

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