Can you complete the circuit of Indo-Roman baths at CALDEA?

Do you like contrasts? Challenging yourself? Do you dare to take on our challenge? Are you sure?

Then read on to hear our suggestions!

We have designed an area within Thermoludic that is inspired by the cave baths on Elephanta Island, near Mumbai in India: the Indo-Roman hot springs. You probably don’t believe there are any challenges to be found in such a peaceful environment… but you’re wrong!

Very hot or very cold. There’s no middle ground!

In the Indo-Roman baths you will find two pools: one is filled with 36ºC thermal water and the other with water at a temperature of… 14ºC! 😱. It may sound like we are exaggerating, but we bet that most people who get into the first pool will not dare to get into the second one.

The purpose of these baths is that, after spending ten restful minutes in hot water, you submerge yourself for a few seconds in the cold pool before resting in the relaxation area. This way, your body becomes accustomed to the high temperatures and therefore really feels the dramatic temperature drop as soon as you get into the cold water. Sounds a bit more challenging now, right?

But, why?

I’m sure you’re wondering why someone would do something like this… and the answer lies in the sensations you experience when you emerge from the cold water. The contrast of temperatures will help your muscles to completely relax and release all the unnecessary tension that has accumulated throughout the day. It’s the best way to avoid aches and pains after a day on the ski slopes, a sports session or just because you feel like it!

Do you dare to face our challenge? Book admission to Thermoludic or INÚU and become one of the brave souls who have completed the Indo-Roman bath circuit.

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