Are you getting married? Join us for the “Bridal Shower” plan in Caldea

Caldea presents a treatment plan to prepare brides for the big day. A different kind of bridal shower, a plan filled with contrasts that will let you enjoy our beauty treatments and massages in a unique environment.
Two days of pampering and treatments to ensure you look breathtaking on your wedding day.
Brides-to-be, keep reading to find out more about our proposal!

Day 1:

Begin your Caldea bridal shower by enjoying the incredible benefits of the thermal waters in Inúu, the adults only spa. Submerge yourself in the central lagoon and you will notice that your whole body will start to feel lighter. Then, head to the outdoor spa to experience the contrast of the cold outdoor air while you admire the unbelievable views of the Pyrenees.

To relax your entire body, Caldea boasts a varied array of Indian Ayurveda treatments performed by specialists from the region. You can start with the Abhyanga Ubtan massage, the perfect remedy for stress and mental and physical fatigue. The process begins with an oil anointment before you transition to the hammam so it can be absorbed into your skin while your pores are opened by the heat. A formula designed for those who want to care for, nourish and give their skin the radiance it deserves. Equally popular is Shiroabhyanga, a cranial massage that employs a relaxing Ayurveda technique which is guaranteed to release stress and tension. An unrivalled experience that treats the head and arms while also softening and volumising the hair

For deep facial cleansing, finish off the day with The Cure. This innovative and advanced treatment cleanses and detoxifies your complexion while smoothing and revitalising the skin, giving you that fresh and radiant look. Performed using exclusive products from Natura Bissé, The Cure is the perfect starting point as it enhances subsequent treatments.

Day 2:

Kick off the second day of pampering in Inúu with the African gommage ritual, the ultimate body exfoliation that is sure to leave your skin thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. This comprehensive treatment purifies and oxygenates the skin, removing dead cells with 100% certified bio cosmetic products. It includes a 10-minute session in the hammam followed by exfoliation with a horsehair glove and Moroccan black soap, a relaxing cranial massage and moisturising with argan oil. Allow your body and senses to totally relax!

At Caldea, we suggest you then transition to a facial treatment like the Multisensorial Diamond Experience – true cosmetic lifting that penetrates into the deepest layers to regenerate and revitalise the skin, providing it with the firmness required for optimal rejuvenation. This treatment boosts the skin’s elasticity, supports its natural defensive mechanisms and promotes long-lasting hydration. Performed with exclusive Natura Bissé products, this is the facial treatment of choice for brides who want perfect skin.

To round off your visit to Caldea and maintain the wellness mindset, put yourself in the expert hands of Inúu’s specialised nutritionists who will design a nutrition plan tailored to your needs. Through Nutriplan, Caldea’s nutritional guidance programme, you will learn – in a customised, easy and fun way – to set up your daily nutrition in alignment with your goals: balance, antioxidants, sports or slimming. You can complete the experience with a specific localised massage based on the Nutriplan results.

Finish off this day of disconnection and pampering in Inúu’s Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant, Siam Shiki, before once again immersing yourself in the fantastic thermal waters.


DAY 1:
All-day admission to Inúu: €73
Ayurveda treatment: from €48.50
The Cure with Natura Bissé products (30/60 min.): €48.50/€77.50
DAY 2:
African gommage (90 min.): €93.50
Multisensorial Diamond Experience with Natura Bissé products (90 min.): €123.50
Nutriplan (30 min.): €48.50
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