Black Friday is coming to Caldea ‒ don’t miss it!

Now becoming yet another tradition, the last Friday in November is synonymous with discounts, promotions and special offers. Black Friday is coming to Caldea, too.

PFor you: an irresistible offer

Black Friday is the perfect day for indulging yourself or, if you prefer to think ahead to Christmas and festivities, for taking the opportunity to buy a present for that special person. So don’t miss this chance to buy at the best price. Keep an eye on Caldea’s web page and on our social networks, where, on 23rd itself (or perhaps a little earlier), this unbelievable special offer will be published. And if you want to be one of the first to discover this offer and others, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter!

What is the origin of ‘Black Friday’?

The best-known story about ‘Black Friday’ goes back to the nineteen-sixties, in the United States, when, always on the fourth Friday of November, the shops began their season of Christmas shopping, after Thanksgiving Day, and the red figures in their bank accounts became black figures.
According to another theory, the term was first used on 24th September, 1869, when two Wall Street financiers failed to obtain any profits, and the market went bankrupt.
Another story is that this term was coined by the New York Times to refer to the traffic problems caused in New York by the discounts offered on the day after Thanksgiving Day.
What is clear is that this American tradition, involving price reductions, has made a strong breakthrough in Europe, and is now one more important date in our calendar. 😊 

In short, whatever its origin, don’t miss the opportunity to buy at the best price, and book our special offer.

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