The benefits of CALDEA’s thermal waters

At CALDEA, you’ll refresh yourself, you’ll have a great time, you’ll forget everything you want to forget, and above all, your body and mind will both benefit from the properties of our thermal waters. Even if you’re not aware of it, our waters will have an effect on your body and silently provide you with a range of benefits.

Our thermal waters

Not all thermal waters are equal. In the case of CALDEA, our waters emerge from underground at a temperature of 70ºC; we then treat and cool them so they can be used in our thermal centre. Our waters are especially rich in mineral elements, particularly sodium, silicon and sulphates, and also in other minerals like magnesium, calcium, chloride and fluoride..

Your skin: healthier, younger and more protected

The natural chemical composition of our waters is highly beneficial for skin conditions like psoriasis, rashes, eczema, rosacea and other forms of dermatitis, as well as the healing of wounds and other skin injuries. The microorganisms assist the body by boosting the skin’s defensive system and enabling it to combat all types of attacks, while also helping to slow the ageing process.

Purifying and detoxification effects

The temperature of the body increases as you bathe in our thermal waters, which helps to dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. At the same time, hydrostatic pressure increases, which improves circulation and oxygenation.

Gastrointestinal issues? You’ll notice the improvement!

Improved bodily oxygenation from bathing in thermal waters leads to a general improvement in the nourishment of bodily tissues. The metabolism becomes reactivated, which simultaneously stimulates the secretions of the digestive tract and the liver, thereby assisting digestion. Taking regular thermal baths for a month helps to normalise the functions of the endocrine glands and the general functioning of the body’s autonomic nervous system.

Alleviation of rheumatism and joint pain, like arthritis

Heat aids muscle relaxation, which decreases stiffness and improves mobility. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory action of our waters helps to reduce pain.

Excellent for respiratory problems

Vapours containing minerals are beneficial for respiratory conditions. The decongestant effects help to relax and soothe irritations of the bronchial tubes and the respiratory system in general.

« Mens sana, in corpore sano »

The bodily benefits of thermalism are also reflected in our mood. Increased absorption of minerals from the water like carbon dioxide, sulphur, calcium and magnesium, stimulates the immune system, boosting endorphin production while improving the regulation of glandular functions and the relaxation of the mind.
So, very subtly, you will begin to feel relief from psychosomatic problems like stress or a lack of sleep.

Now that you know what our natural thermal waters can do for your body and mind, it’s time to experience it in person. Treat yourself with a visit to our centre; as a family, a couple, or on your own if you prefer. In CALDEA’s offers section, you can find a range of options to make your visit a unique experience.
We’ll be waiting for you!

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