Care for yourself in spring with our beauty treatments

Spring is on the way! And we’re already starting to notice the effect of the temperature rising. We want to go out more, walk around, and enjoy the extra hours of natural daylight. It’s also the perfect time to start taking care of your skin in preparation for the summer.
Follow our recommendations for spectacular summer skin.

What does a treatment need to have to prepare your skin for the summer?

First, a full-body exfoliation – including the face – to thoroughly cleanse the upper layers of the dermis. This will clear away dead cells and open up the pores so your skin will be more receptive to the care it is given. Your skin will appear healthier, cleaner and more beautiful, and you’ll prolong the effect of whichever treatment you choose.
Moisturising and nourishing are also essential steps for achieving healthy skin. Ideally, the treatment you choose should end with a hydrating ointment that nourishes your dermis. And if you finish with a massage, all the better.
Exfoliation and moisturising are basic beauty routines that care for your skin, but you can also complement them with masks and other treatments.

What else should you consider so you can take care of yourself on the outside before summer arrives?

Keeping a good sunscreen handy (even though this is recommended all year round) gets more important as the temperature rises and the sun starts to shine. Even if you’re just going for a walk or playing sports outside, protect yourself with sunscreen, especially your face as it gets the most exposure.
Removing your makeup and cleaning your skin every night before going to sleep is vital if you want to show off perfect skin.
And finally, apply a moisturiser that’s tailored to your skin type and age on a daily basis.

At Caldea we take care of you too

When you come to enjoy Inúu’s thermal waters, take the time to give yourself some post-winter pampering. We offer a range of beauty treatments from Natura Bissé so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Cure, a deep cleansing treatment, will restore the glow to your face in just an hour. And the hour and a half Citrus Royal Ritual includes a cream wrap after a full body exfoliation.

As you already know, if you implement these tips, you’ll have radiant skin in time for summer. Start getting it ready now!

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