Autumn plans: Caldea, shows, cuisine and shopping

There’s still plenty of time to make the most of autumn in Caldea before the ski season gets underway. Check out our best plans and pick the one you like most.

Early risers can make the most of the morning in Caldea

If you’re the kind of person who gets up early on the weekends and you want to visit Caldea first thing in the morning, we’ve got a special pass for you. It’s available for Thermoludic and gives you 3 hours to explore the thermal waters, the Indo-Roman baths and catch the first rays of sunlight in the outdoor lagoons. You can also enjoy the same experience in Inúu, the adults-only spa, where you’ll get a non-alcoholic welcome cocktail of Thai red tea with lime and a sprinkle of cane sugar. What a way to start the day!

Early-bird Thermoludic admission Early-bird Inúu admission

Shows are back at Thermoludic

Another unmissable plan this year is Hydrox, the new show at Caldea which takes place every weekend throughout November. We’ve increased the performances, so if you can’t come to see Hydrox on a Saturday night at 21:40, you could come on Sunday morning at 11:40 instead. This more family-oriented time slot means you can visit during the day with children aged 5 and up, as the show is held in Thermoludic’s central lagoon. Don’t miss this spectacular aerial silk acrobatics show accompanied by light, water and music effects.

Buy tickets for Hydrox here.

The best autumn plans are also available on weekdays

If you’re someone who prefers to travel when it’s less busy, you can still find the perfect plan at our thermal spa, including admission to the thermal waters and a night in a hotel. Check out all the getaways  we have available from Sunday to Thursday.

Gastronomic options for all the foodies

We’ve always got something fresh to offer at Caldea. Discover the Blu restaurant’s new menu with seasonal French dishes in the style of an authentic bistro restaurant. Come and experience this new gastronomic concept by booking your pass with a set menu.

Andorra Shopping Festival

Autumn plans in Andorra are perfectly complemented by the shopping festival, which runs until 14 November this year. You can enjoy concerts and street performances as you stroll along the main streets and do a bit of shopping with your whole family. Find out all about it here.

So now that it’s clear that Caldea can be enjoyed all year round and you can find the perfect experience for you at any time of the day, which of our autumn plans will you go for?

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