This summer, prepare to experience new sensations in Caldea

This summer, there’s yet another reason to visit us. In addition to enjoying our thermal waters, you can also experience new sensations in virtual reality without ever leaving Caldea! And the best part is that you can combine admission to the thermal centre with this new service.

New experiences and limitless fun

With the aim of offering you new, innovative and original activities, we’ve increased our range of recreational services. From July, you can enjoy Andorra’s first virtual reality gaming room in the same premises as Caldea. A space that has been specially designed for experiencing a multiplayer adventure in virtual reality. Housed in a 300 m2 room on Inúu’s ground floor, this new attraction will let you combine the thermal waters with new forms of entertainment without ever leaving the building.

Zero Latency: the sector’s leading company

Running this space will be the Zero Latency company, which specialises in creating spaces for virtual reality games. It operates all over the world and is one of the most innovative and advanced companies in the sector. Zero Latency has designed a circuit with sufficient capacity for up to 8 players, who will be visible and able to move freely thanks to the sensors that are spread across the game room. An interesting fact is that the imitation weapons have been manufactured using 3D printers and are called Blackbirds.

Caldea, always ahead of the game

Thanks to new technology, you can now experience alternative ways to escape from the routine while also having fun.
This experience is all about transporting you to a fantasy world where, alongside your group of friends, you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in an adventure that’s just like being inside a video game. An activity that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush and help you release any accumulated stress in a unique way. At Caldea, we’re introducing a new and innovative service that, alongside our thermal waters, will add unforgettable moments to your leisure time.


Whether you’re a fan of this type of activity or you’re just intrigued by new experiences, we recommend being one of the first to try it.
But for now, if you can’t wait until July, we’ll leave you with all the offers with activities that can also be easily combined with bathing in Caldea

Book this new entertainment and leisure activity now and enjoy a unique experience in Caldea. Don’t wait to be told about it, try it for yourself!

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