Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord 2018, much more than a mountain trail

It’s practically impossible for trail fans not to have heard of the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord. A high level sporting event which has been sponsored by CALDEA for many years. The event, which this year is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a benchmark mountain competition, will take place from 3 to 8 July in Ordino.

6 trials and 3,200 brave participants

The Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord includes 5 races, plus the Solidaritrail, a 10 km solidarity event that is open to everyone. In total, 3,200 race bibs have been made available to runners since October and for some trails they sold out quickly. Last year, runners from more than 50 countries entered the race, a fact that supports the claim that this is one of the toughest trails in the world.

A 5-day lap around a country crowned by 37 peaks

For the second consecutive year, the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord will also include Euphoria, a challenge that is tackled in pairs where the participants face a 233-km route with a positive and negative height difference of 20,000 m. During the adventure, they will ascend 5 peaks of over 2,900 m along with 32 mountains and hills with heights ranging between 2,500 and 2,900 m. This challenge is reserved for just 300 runners, who must be able to prove their experience and prior completion of other highly demanding mountain races.

The Marató dels Cims, the little one

The shortest trail within the event’s competitive range is the Marató dels Cims, which will have 750 runners participating. And if covering the 42.5 kilometres that separate the starting line from the finishing post wasn’t impressive enough, this is compounded by the knowledge that they will face a positive height difference of 3,000 m (in exchange for the spectacular views of the incredible landscapes, of course).
The other trails are true challenges for the mind and body: the Celestrail (83 km and 5,000 m of positive height difference), the Mític (112 km and 9,700 m of height difference) and the queen of the trails, the Ronda dels Cims (with a 170 km route and 13,500 m of height difference)

And after all that effort… CALDEA

After the epic struggle to make it to the finishing line, and the reward of the warm reception they receive from their families and the many fans who cheer the arrival of the runners, CALDEA provides the bodies of these incredible athletes with a well-deserved rest.
Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties and the contrasting temperatures that boost circulation, our thermal waters are the ideal recovery method after any of the challenges of the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord.

Whether you’re a trail runner or you just like the mountains, come and discover what the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is all about. A unique event worldwide that, in just 10 years, has managed to put Andorra and the little town of Ordino on the map for world-renowned mountain races.

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