Caldea joins Andorra Health Destination

There can be no doubt that the demand for well-being, health and personal care services is booming. In terms of travel, these factors are increasingly valued and health tourism has seen a big rise in recent years. Due to its exceptional setting, Andorra is the perfect location for this type of experience, which has led to the creation of Andorra Health Destination.

Caldea joins Andorra Health Destination

This association was founded with the aim of responding to this demand and promoting Andorra as a health and well-being destination. Andorra Health Destination encompasses a range of Andorran companies that provide high-quality services focused on sports tourism, couples and also families who want to care for themselves and enjoy wellness activities. To date, a total of 13 Andorran companies from the health, psychology, sport, well-being and hotel sectors have joined. The association has put together various types of packages that are adapted to different types of demands in order to provide these services in a combined way.

Three unique well-being experiences

Caldea has created three exclusive experiences for Andorra Health Destination, all of which are perfect for disconnecting body and mind. The three experiences include a full day of admission to Inúu, the adults only spa accessible to those aged 16 and over (which also includes access to the Thermoludic and Origins spas), as well as rental of bathing materials.
A treatment tailored to the package is added to each experience:

• Detox, with the 90-minute Anti Voage Fatigue Ayurveda treatment
This Indian treatment combines three relaxing massages that cover the entire body, the head and the face. The body is massaged with pindas (cloth sachets containing herbal leaves) and herbal oil to help ease muscle strain and ends with Shirodhara to soothe the mind.

• Relax, with a 60-minute massage
This one-hour general massage helps to release tension and stimulate the circulation. The argan oil, with its rich fatty acid and vitamin E content, provides an extra moisturising boost to the skin.

• For couples, the Sothys 60-minute Hanakasumi ritual
This package is exclusively for couples. It includes a Japanese ritual that combines exfoliation with a full-body massage and concludes with a foot massage. It is part of the therapeutic couple’s experience which also includes a hiking activity and therapy sessions.

We like to support these kinds of initiatives that originate in our country to help them grow and stand shoulder to shoulder with other companies. Pay attention, because Andorra Health Destination is about to become a hot topic.  😄

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