“Allées et venues”, the new exhibition at Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra

After a year of being open, the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra is still an essential part of any getaway to this country.

And even if you’ve already visited the museum on your last trip, we are giving you the perfect excuse to come back! In February, they unveiled their latest exhibition “Allées et venues” (Coming and going).

Read on for details about the works of art that can be viewed in this space!

The museum

After taking a stroll along Avinguda Carlemany and fulfilling all your shopping desires, you will reach an iconic building at the highest point of the avenue. This structure dates back to 1933 and was once the Hotel Valira, but is now the home of the Museu Carmen Thyssen.

The exhibition room provides a fully interactive experience, with three large touchscreens that you can use to search for information on the paintings or to zoom in on each of the pieces to see their individual brushstrokes.

And if you’re visiting as a family, you’re in luck! The museum is also home to the EduCarmenThyssen space, where your little ones can have fun with memory and observation games and workshops.

The exhibition

22 contrasting pieces have been brought together around a single theme: paths. The journey begins in 1600 with a painting by Verhaecht and concludes 400 years later with a work by Thomas Hart Benton. The exhibition takes its name from the main piece on display: “Allées et venues”, which is one of the most difficult Gauguin paintings to see in an exhibition as it is not often moved. The painting was created during one of Gauguin’s stays in Martinique, a key stage in his development as an artist. So don’t miss the opportunity to see this work of art in person and also…

A complete experience

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