There’s still time to see Aküa: Caldea’s night-time extravaganza

It’s already started but you haven’t been to see it? Do you know what we’re talking about? Aküa: the show that has been performed every night in Caldea since 3 August. If you’re still yet to see it, you have until 24 August. And as a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some photos that will make you want to witness it live.

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As you can see, there are two different shows, one in Inúu and another in Thermoludic that you can enjoy with the whole family.

Surprise yourself with the cocktail nights

At 21:10 Javi Lin begins his live performance, which you can enjoy from Inúu’s outdoor lagoon. The music from his electric violin synchronises with the interplay of lights on the Caldea Tower to create a scene that is sure to amaze.
We suggest that you enhance the moment by delighting in the mixture of flavours provided by one of our original cocktails, which are made for you on the spot. On this occasion, you can savour the gin-based “Volcá”, the “Caldea Sunrise”, which is made with tequila, or the “Somni entre Boires”, an alcohol-free cocktail.
We’re sure that you’re already imagining sharing this experience with your partner! Don’t waste any more time, here is a link where you can purchase the 4-hour night admission.

Have fun with the whole family

Aküa continues the spectacle at 21:40 in Thermoludic and you can watch it from the central lagoon with your loved ones. Once again, Javi Lin will provide the live music, but this time he’ll be joined by the Iron Skulls who will astound us with a contemporary urban dance performance. The dry part of the indoor lagoon will be transformed into a stage, meanwhile, you can enjoy the show while you bathe in the thermal water in the central part.
If you prefer this option because you’ll be visiting with children over 5 years of age, book the 3-hour night admission to Thermoludic. If you want to continue the fun, we suggest the package that includes 2-hour admission and dinner in our restaurant, where you can indulge in a delicious pizza and other dishes.

August nights in Caldea are packed with entertainment!

With your admission, not only can you enjoy the thermal waters, but also music, dance, live light shows and a cocktail night. A unique combination that will only be available during our thermal spa’s 25th anniversary year. Don’t forget there are only 13 days left to see the show! Act fast and purchase admission or you might be left feeling like you missed out. We’ll be waiting for you!

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