Admission to the spa plus a massage at Caldea. Break from the routine!

As autumn arrives the temperature dips, the first drops of rain begin to fall and the summer holidays disappear over the horizon. To make this time of year a little less gloomy for you, at Caldea we’ve put together some amazing plans which include admission to the thermal spa plus a massage to recharge your batteries and leave a smile on your face. 🙂

Admission plus massage at Caldea

The thermal baths, the contrasting temperatures, the sauna and the hammam, combined with the skilled hands of our massage therapists, will take you away from it all for a few hours. The price is also a plus, as we have the best offers with admission and massage during the autumn – no less than 20% off!
For example, you can enjoy a 4-hour pass for Inúu with a 30-minute partial massage focusing on the back and legs for only €89 per person. Or you can also book another offer for Inúu, but with a 5-hour pass and a 1-hour full-body massage with almond oil, from €110 per person. Which one will you go for?

Admission plus treatments and hotel

If you want to finish off the day in style and extend your getaway with a restorative overnight stay in a hotel, take a look at our section of offers for admission plus massage and a hotel. You can choose between a 3-hour pass for Thermoludic or a 4-hour pass to Inúu, combined with bed and breakfast at a range of 3*, 4* and 5* hotels so you can enjoy a complete autumn getaway. These offers are available at the weekend and also midweek if you prefer a more peaceful experience.

The Private Spa: the most exclusive plan for loved up couples…

Take the opportunity to turn this getaway into a romantic one by reserving Caldea’s Private Spa. This private space can only be accessed with an advance booking; once inside, you and your partner can enjoy a Jacuzzi, sauna and contrasting shower just for the two of you. Plus, you also have the opportunity to get a duo massage, which you’re both sure to love!

What better way to escape the routine than a spa experience including admission and a massage at Caldea?
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