On 26th March we shall be celebrating. Come to Caldea!

We were telling you about this a few weeks ago… in a few days’ time it will be our anniversary! Neither more nor less than 25 years. 25 years of feelings, emotions, pleasure and many, many people who, like yourself, have, for a few hours of their lives, enjoyed Caldea.
That is why there is going to be a succession of celebrations and parties throughout 2019, with activities designed for all of you who give to Caldea that “something” which is so special: shareholders, guests, partners, families…

26th March: The shareholders’ party

On 26th March we shall be celebrating the silver anniversary of Europe’s largest thermal centre, which, in spite of everything, still retains all its charisma and avant-garde aesthetics. And to celebrate those 25 years, we are going to begin with a party with activities for the general public and for anyone who would like to be with us on that day, when we shall be reserving some special moments for our shareholders.

A day full of activities and surprises

On 26th March, don’t forget to consult our website or our social networks. We have prepared a big surprise which we are sure will enchant you…and, as they used to say in that famous televised competition in the nineties: “I can read up to here.” We’re also going to give you a preview of our festive side, with special decorations which we shall keep until next winter.

For the afternoon and evening: more and more activities

From 4 p.m. onwards Caldea will be a luxurious setting in which talented artists will give of their best to entertain us on this great day.
We shall enjoy the spectacular acrobatic performances of the Italian couple Xevi & Eli, the 2018 world PoleArt champions, and we’ll be revitalised by the dances of the Andorran group ‘Deivas’, which is currently creating a sensation in the televised competition ‘Got Talent España 2019’. No less surprising will be the performances of the stilt-men in Thermoludic and in the Centre’s entrance gallery.

For shareholders only

Caldea’s shareholders will also be able to enjoy some private activities which will take place in the restaurant (which will be closed to the public on 26th).There will be performances by Oscar León on the piano (accompanying Alys Paramá in her evening performance) and, to end the evening, conjuring by Nuel Galán, a young but very experienced magician who won national and public awards in Spain in 2013.


Such a special day deserves an evening to match it, and this one will begin at 9 p.m. with a magnificent fireworks display from the Prat del Roure. Caldea and its surroundings are in a privileged position from which to watch the show, which will fill the sky with light and colour.

More for the week-end

…and what if I can’t be at Caldea on Tuesday 26th? We have also thought about that! For the whole of Saturday, 30th March and on Sunday 31st until 2 p.m., the artists who will be present on the day of our anniversary will return to give us a complete range of performances and shows, with just one small proviso: if you would like to see the Andorran group Deivas, you will have to come on the Saturday, because on the Sunday they will again be competing on television. On the other hand, on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th you will be able to enjoy the aerial acrobatics of our regular performer Maria Grau.


It only remains for us to urge you not to miss any of this festive day which is so special for us, and which we should like to share with you. Whether it be on Tuesday 26th itself or during the week-end of 30th-31st March, Caldea will be celebrating its 25 years, and you mustn’t miss it. Come on!


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