Caldea’s 25th anniversary: the party!

On Tuesday the 26th of March, Caldea celebrated its silver anniversary with a complete programme of performances and activities that will be repeated over the following weekend (29th, 30th and 31st of March) so the maximum number of people can enjoy this special occasion.

The highlights included:

  • Live performances by the Andorran dance group Deivas (who are currently competing on the Tele5 show Got Talent)
  • A show by the circus group Zulandir
  • An acrobatics show by the world champion Acrosport duo, Xevi & Eli
    Plus, at 21:00, the sky was filled with the light and colour of an awe-inspiring fireworks display and a lightshow on the Caldea Tower – the perfect way to end the party with activities for everyone.
    Meanwhile, the centre’s shareholders gathered in Caldea’s Mediterranean restaurant to enjoy an exclusive party with live piano and vocal performances, a magic show and gastronomic cocktails.
    But instead of letting us tell you what happened, why don’t you see for yourself by checking out some of the pictures that we took of this festive day?

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    Remember that the party will continue from the evening of Friday the 29th until lunchtime on Sunday the 31st. Come and celebrate 25 years of Caldea with us!


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