Caldea, what are you searching for?

Caldea is a spa that’s also much more than just a spa.

If you decide to visit, don’t expect to walk into a conventional spa. Because we have all that and... so much more. You will find a place where the sensations you experience are like rock stars: unique and incomparable.

A spa where your sensations are the real stars of the show.

Discover all these sensations here!

A spa for bonding...
At Caldea we have a spa exclusively for adults where you can bathe with bubbles... of champagne, step into a sauna while letting your mind drift away and disconnect from the routine. Or you can enjoy a very intimate moment of connection in the Private Wellness, a private spa just for two!
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And a spa where you can fly in a starry sky!
And there’s more... Who said you need wings to fly? Caldea’s panoramic lagoon lets you take flight, even in the middle of the night, surrounded by big bubbles that are really the stars. Located above a wild river and featuring a transparent bottom, this lagoon is sure to leave a lasting impression.
The sensation of rejuvenation surrounded by a thousand hands
Free yourself from the pressures of day-to-day life as you are enveloped in aromatic herbal oils. Revitalise yourself while your whole body is smothered in luxurious cream, 30 minutes is all it takes! Come in for a simple massage and leave with goosebumps on your skin like a thousand hands have been all over you.
A spa where you can enjoy an explosion of flavours
Are you ready to explore a whole mountain of new flavours? At Caldea, you can be transported to the Far East at Siam Shiki, our Thai-Japanese restaurant, and leave feeling like a real geisha. Or take a trip through France while you savour the natural aromas of Mediterranean cuisine in our Blu Bistrot Restaurant.

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