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Romantic getaways

Caldea is a spa unlike any other spa.
That's why our lovers plans are different.

Only Caldea lets you kick-start your heart with a duo massage before making it pound in the intimate setting of Private Wellness.
And so much more besides...

Due to the lockdowns imposed in France and Catalonia, Thermoludic will be closed until January 2021. During this period you will be able to continue enjoying the facilities of Inúu (access from age 16). These dates are subject to the evolution of the pandemic and the decision of the health authorities.

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  • Thermoludic
    An environment you can enjoy with friends or family which includes three contrasting spaces: indoor and outdoor lagoons, Likids for the children, and Origins if you would like to complete your stay at Thermoludic with a massage

    Admission to Thermoludic + hotel Mola Park 4*

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    Get away with a visit to Thermoludic and stay at a 4* hotel near the centre. Have fun and connect with whomever you want to bring. Enjoy Andorra!

    80.00 € per person
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