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Admission to Inúu + 30-min Yuthai treatment
Come to Inúu and relax with the 30-min Yuthai treatment. Enjoy tranquillity and disconnection with whomever you want to bring. Let your body and senses relax with our 30-minute massage.

Included services: 
All-day admission to Inúu, Caldea's Adults Only space for customers aged over 16. Access to the indoor and outdoor lagoons, saunas, hydromassage showers, Berlingot, the bubble bed area, etc. Admission also includes access to Thermoludic: indoor and outdoor thermal lagoons, hydromassage basins, Jacuzzis, Hindi-Roman bath, Icelandic bath, hammam or Turkish bath, Sirocco bath, aquamassage area, saunas and the 'Essence' area.
30-minute Yuthai treatment. A Japanese treatment performed with soft movements and wave-like exercises in the water.

For a visit to Inúu all you need is your swimsuit. You will be provided with a bathrobe and flip-flops at reception.

Terms and conditions:
Admission to Inúu valid every day of the week. The price is per person. Offer is 100% refundable provided the package is cancelled more than 72 hours prior to arrival for the first service.
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125.00 €
per person
Included services
Inúu experience admission ticket

Admission ticket to Inúu, Thermoludic and Origins.

Japanese treatment performed with soft movements and wave-like exercises in the water. Your body becomes relaxed through the release of the spine, the movement of the joints and the gentle stretching of the muscles. We float while we are moved, freeing ourselves from the weight of our body and our tension. We dance to the rhythm of our bodies and mild pressure is applied on specific points to release potential energy blockages. Resulting in a deep state of relaxation and balance. 

Produces positive effects on all levels: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.
Promotes the regeneration of connective tissue and removes restrictions.
Improves blood pressure-related problems.
Helps soothe muscle pain and fatigue by promoting blood flow and the elimination of metabolic residues.
Helps overcome the fear of water.
When floating, the body needs less oxygen, which slows down breathing.
Conditions related to stress (insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscular tension, cephalea, digestive disorders, menstrual dysfunctions, weakened immunity) will improve with this practice. Harmony between emotions and body are re-established.
Dates of validity
From 03/01/2018 To 30/11/2020
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Inúu (+16 years *include Thermoludic)
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