Basic anti-ageing care for perfect and smooth skin in Caldea
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45' Sothys Basic Youth

Tailor-made treatment for skin with signs of aging. With this treatment we work on wrinkles and lack of firmness caused by the passage of time.
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Anti-age : sculpts, firms and stretches.

Customised treatment for skins showing signs of ageing. Thanks to this treatment, we can work on the wrinkles and lack of firmness that are caused by the passage of time.

It re-draws the oval of the face, improves density and maintains hydration.
It produces a remarkable redensifying and lifting effect, sculpts the contours of the face and leaves the skin smooth and silky.

Because we want you to enjoy the best experience, remember to show up 30 minutes before the time reserved for your treatment at our reception.

1. Skin type-appropriate peeling and basic cleansing without extraction
2.  Ampoule application with facial massage
3.  Mask, eye cream and facial cream application

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  • Quantity 16 years
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