Caldea offer: entrance to Inúu while the Thermoludic rests
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Inúu ticket, during the Thermoludic technical stop!

Access to the facilities of Inúu with entry for 3h during the opening of the center.
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3 hour admission to Inúu, Caldea's Adults Only spa, only for the over 16s. Free access to the indoor and outdoor lagoon, saunas, hydromassage showers, the Berlingot (the bubble bed space), etc. as well as the different workshops and activities, the gym and the guided classes. 
Offer valid only during the closing of the thermoludic!


To come to Inúu you only need your swimwear. We provide you with a bathrobe, towel and slippers at your entrance.

- Offer valid only from 11/04/23 to 30/06/23, when the Thermoludic will be closed for improvement and maintenance works. On these Thermoludic technical stop dates, access will only be to the Inúu spa. Consult here our calendar.

- The ticket is valid for an access of 3 hours. If the client access the center less than 3 hours before the closing time or the end time of the stay, the time not spent will not be reimbursed or compensated for another day.
- 100% refundable ticket provided that it is canceled more than 72 hours before the arrival of the first service to consume.
- It is mandatory to present a passport, DNI or family book to prove the age  

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Inúu (+16 years *include Thermoludic)
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