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30' foot reflexology

A pleasant and relaxing sensation. Sedative effect on the nervous system. Soothes muscle and joint pain.
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Reflexology is a method used to activate the healing powers of the body. The link between the ancient history of this technique and its current use lies in the fact that there are lines of energy that run through the body creating reflex points in the feet, which correspond to most organs, glands, functions and body parts. It has been demonstrated that the feet, due to their sensitivity, experience the most effective therapeutic response of any body part. By stimulating the nerve endings present in the feet we stimulate the bone marrow and the brain, which in turn send instructions to the organs and the muscles. This technique is based on applying pressure on the main nerve endings of the foot with the fingers. This is a foot-specific massage aimed at creating and improving the balance between body and mind.

The foot, because of its sensitivity, has been shown to be the area with the most therapeutic efficacy. The stimulation of the nerve endings sends stimulation to the organs and muscles. Technique based on acupressure on the main nerve endings of the foot. Specific foot massage to obtain and improve body and mental balance. 

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