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Hygiene and Safety

All Caldea's facilities will be extremely hygienic in order to maximize the health and safety of both our staff and visitors.

What are the general guidelines?

We will intensify cleaning and disinfection

The frequency of cleaning with detergents and to ensure proper disinfection of all facilities, including surfaces in frequent contact with people, hands, shall be increased and all sensitive areas such as entrances and lifts, changing rooms and toilets, air vents and public areas shall be treated in a cyclical manner.


Required mask in public areas

The staff of all our centres will be equipped with masks. In addition, the workplace will be properly protected with screens in case of frequent and close contact with other people. Our customers will also have to wear a mask in public spaces (reception, corridors, lobby, changing rooms, shop...), except in the thermal bath areas

We will give soap, gel and informative signs

Hand hygiene is the main measure of prevention and control of the infection that will be done preferably with water and soap, and following the correct technique. We will place soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the washrooms and in different points of the building, as well as posters informing about hygienic and protection measures.

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