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Caldea Thermal Cosmetics

Caldea launches a line of body cosmetic with thermal water as the main ingredient.

Discover the 6 products that have been developed
and find them in 6 different scents.
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Thermal spring water cosmetics 
All products are formulated with thermal spring water,
which gives them antioxidant properties thanks to their high mineral content
in minerals as well as a cell regenerating effect.

The 6 products

Get one of these exclusive Caldea products. All of them contain thermal water as the main ingredient:

  • caldea cosmetics productos Hand cream. Hand cream based on thermal spring water and shea butter with mild ingredients that repair and nourish the skin.
  • caldea cosmetics productos Shower foam. Soapy mousse that provides an extra-soft, scented and nourished skin feeling and deep cleansing.
  • caldea cosmetics productos Shampoo. Shampoo enriched with thermal water that moisturises dry hair and provides exceptional softness and shine.
  • caldea cosmetics productos Body milk. Body lotion infused with thermal spring water and enriched with shea butter and urea for extra hydration,
  • caldea cosmetics productos Body Scrub. Body scrub based on a perfect combination of salts and wonderful softening oils.
  • caldea cosmetics productos Body butter. Body cream enriched with a high concentration of cocoa and shea butter. Its formula with thermal spring water, allantoin, vitamins E and B5 and aloe vera and chamomile extract provides maximum hydration and leaves the skin softer, smoother and intensely nourished.
The 6 scents

Choose one of the 6 colours representing 6 different scents:

  • mistMist: Fragrance inspired by cherry blossom, brings a deep sense of inner peace and relaxation.
  • dropsDrops: Fragrance inspired by the sweet, fresh and aromatic scent of sweet orange that stimulates energy and good mood. Cedarwood oil blended with the perfume brings a sense of relaxation and calm to the body and mind.
  • frostFrost: Fragrance inspired by the woody scent of sandalwood. This scent contributes to greater mental relaxation.
  • flowFlow (color Caldea): Aroma inspired by the Indian rose, characterised by its sweetness and delicacy. This scent promotes well-being through a feeling of relaxation and optimism.
  • geyserGeyser: Inspired by the scent of the lotus flower, it contributes to a sense of calm and peace.
  • bubblesBubbles: Fragrance inspired by the white lily with purifying and softening properties that promote skin relaxation.
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