The summer sales have already begun in Andorra

Since Friday, Andorra’s shops and shopping centres have been displaying posters promoting offers and discounts on fashion, footwear, cosmetics, technology and much more. This is the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway and make the most of the bargain prices to buy what you need for your holiday. Or, you may want to search for that intriguing product from a popular brand that you’ve saved for the sales… we’re certain that you’ll be in luck and that you’ll find it here. Don’t forget that it will end up being cheaper!

Take full advantage of the sales

The pleasant temperatures and the great location of the shops are ideal for taking a stroll, doing some shopping and occasionally stopping on a terrace to drink something cool. The sales end on 1 September, so you can make the most of them all summer long. And, in just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see the trends and innovations for the new autumn-winter season.
There’s also no need to worry about the opening hours. The shops typically open from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. and many of them don’t shut at noon, so you can shop till you drop all day (even on Sundays).

Regain your strength in Caldea

After a day of shopping and maxing out the sales, we recommend that you visit Inúu to relax or head to Thermoludic to carry on the fun. If you want to complete the experience, combine your admission with dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant, where you’ll have more than enough to choose from: pizzas, salads, rice, meat or fish. And, if you want to keep the weekend going, book a night in a hotel. In our offers section, you’ll find packages for caldea + hotel from 3* and up with breakfast included. Most of them benefit from a prime location in the centre of Andorra, just like Caldea and the shops, so you’ll have everything on your doorstep.

What is there to think about? Don’t miss this chance to come and bathe at Caldea, make the most of the discounts, and enjoy the lovely weather!


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