Enjoy the summer nights in Caldea with the Aküa show

A new edition of Aküa is returning to Caldea to liven up the summer nights. A unique extravaganza that has been specially designed to be enjoyed during Caldea’s 25th anniversary year.

Cocktail nights accompany the show in Inúu

From 21:10, the night really gets going on the terrace in Inúu, Caldea’s adults only spa, while you and your partner get cosy in the bubbles in the outdoor lagoon.
Then, Javi Lin will emerge to accompany the light show on the Caldea tower with his live music. Seeing the lights flash on and off on the 80-metre tower to the sound of his electric violin is really something.
Savour this magic moment with one of the cocktails that have been created especially for the occasion, which you can get free with your admission to Inúu. If you like strong flavours, try the “Volcano”, or if you prefer more fruity overtones go with our version of a Tequila Sunrise: the “Caldea Sunrise”. If you’re looking for something free of alcohol: the “Somni entre boires” is a great choice.
The 4-hour night admission is packed with experiences this summer in Inúu: the cocktail nights and Javi Lin’s musical performances are the perfect appetisers for the night’s main course: Aküa.
You’re guaranteed to enjoy it to the full, don’t miss out!

In Thermoludic, the central lagoon is the setting for the show

At 21:40, the show moves to Thermoludic’s indoor lagoon. Once again, the music of Javi Lin will accompany the performance from the Iron Skulls: 7 dancers who give it their all on stage to make you move and have a good time.
Have you ever bathed in thermal waters while enjoying a show? At Caldea you can… because Caldea is a spa that’s unlike any other spa.

This summer, whether you want to bathe in Inúu with your partner or in Thermoludic with your little ones, you’ve got the chance to enjoy the magic of our night show.
Don’t delay, make your reservation and enjoy the show in Caldea!

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