Caldea, an Andorran spa that is full of contrasts

There are many spas in the world. But there are none like Caldea, a thermal spa that is proud to offer its visitors a world of contrasts. Those of you who are already familiar with our Centre will know that Caldea is a spa unlike any other spa.

Thermal waters for everyone

Caldea was born 25 years ago as a leisure area in which to enjoy the thermal waters which spring naturally from the centre of Andorra. It is a remarkable construction which withstands the passage of time ‒a glass pyramid, in which both adults and children can have fun while benefiting from the thermal water.

Have a great time!

Have thrills, laugh, play, plunge in and give your partner an underwater kiss, then, in the hammam, tell your friends about your day of skiing, and later, dance to the rhythm of the nocturnal shows in the central lagoon. Because emotions run high at Caldea, and at certain moments our Jacuzzis and swimming-pools become ideal places in which to give them free rein.

Or escape from everything…

But Caldea is also a means of escape. Relax, dream, disconnect, rest… find peace by immersing yourself in our thermal waters. Feel how calmness overwhelms you while you enjoy the wonderful scenery which surrounds us. Entertainment or escape ‒ it all depends on the time when you visit us.

For couples and for families

Caldea is a spa unlike any other spa. So children as young as three years old can enjoy the thermal waters in Likids, and children of five or more can enjoy the Thermoludic. You will also find small, outdoor Jacuzzis which are ideal for couples, and the entire Inúu area, which is intended for those aged 16 or more.

Cold or heat?

At Caldea, other contrasts are the differences in temperature. There are Indo-Roman baths in which you can change from 36º to 14º in a matter of seconds, temperatures exceeding 55º in the hammam before you go through the polar passage, dry saunas at more than 55º which contrast with the humidity and freshness of the Icelandic bath…

By day or by night/span>

Caldea changes dramatically between daytime and night-time. The types of visitors change, and also the atmosphere, when natural light is replaced by coloured lighting effects. The tranquillity of early morning is replaced by the festive atmosphere of our spectacular nocturnal shows.

We could give you many reasons why we claim to be a spa unlike any other spa. But it would be better to try it out at first hand, and to experience the pleasure of our thermal waters in the manner which can only be done at Caldea.

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