Caldea collaborates with solidarity projects that aim to help children


Caldea has donated approximately 10,500 euros to two initiatives, one from Unicef which aims to improve access to water, and another from My Magic Monster which supports the fight against cancer

Escaldes-Engordany, 1 April 2019 – Throughout its 25 years of history, Caldea has collaborated with numerous solidarity projects, solidifying its commitment to society as a whole. Among the most notable of these projects is the agreement the spa has maintained with Unicef Andorra since 2014, which raised close to 9,000 euros in 2017 and 2018.

In accordance with the collaboration agreement between the entities, Unicef receives €0.50 from every admission that is sold to a resident of the country. This applies to both Thermoludic and Inúu, Caldea’s Adults Only space. Unicef Andorra allocates these donations to their project in the Congo, which, among other objectives, aims to improve access to drinking water in the rural regions of Lékoumou.

At the same time, these contributions will also enable the social status of indigenous peoples to be elevated within the framework of the development of a national strategy for the protection of rights. The funds will also facilitate access to quality education through an adapted school curriculum, reducing drop-out rates, and providing essential treatments and healthcare through mobile medical equipment.


Caldea and the fight against childhood cancer

This year, Caldea has launched a new collaboration with the MY MAGIC MONSTER association, which aims to fight childhood cancer. Andorra’s thermal spa has donated 1,512 euros to this solidarity project: 4 euros for every birthday celebrated in Likids, the only spa in the world that’s exclusively for children aged 3 to 8.

Miguel Pedregal, Director General of Caldea, awarded the cheque to Michelle Ferrara, the South African founder of this initiative who is also a photographer, an ex-model and a partner of the spa. The money will go towards the creation of the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona, the first centre in Europe dedicated exclusively to the treatment and research of childhood cancer, which will accept patients regardless of their origin or financial circumstances. With this goal in mind, the association emphasises the fact that every donation is welcome: “No donation is too small.”

Many celebrities have welcomed a monster into their lives, including Penélope Cruz and Rafa Nadal.

Caldea already has its own monster inspired by the spa. Michelle Ferrara was responsible for customising it, as she does with all the monsters she makes, which ensures they are as unique as the individuals who join this cause. With these adorable pets we want to create an army of little monsters to fight childhood cancer.


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