Your home spa. Today, self-shiatsu with Yumi, our oriental treatment expert.

Autoshiatsu en casa

Your visit to Caldea will have to wait for now. But in the meantime, we’re continuing to bring our spa to your home. Today we’re suggesting a trip to Japan. Are you coming?

Shiatsu, an ancient oriental technique

You’ve probably heard of Shiatsu, an age-old healing technique developed in Japan that works by applying gentle pressure with the thumbs and palms of the hands. When used on specific points, it can affect both the body and the mind. Did you know that the Japanese Ministry of Health recommends Shiatsu to correct irregularities and improve health?

Self-shiatsu with Yumi Hosaka

Our Japanese expert, Yumi Hosaka, will demonstrate how to perform a shiatsu massage on yourself. In other words, she’s going to teach you self-shiatsu so you can experience Caldea wellness at home too. Pay close attention because Yumi is an official NAMIKOSGU Shiatsu instructor accredited by the Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe Association with certification and endorsement from the Japan Shiatsu College, Tokyo 😀.

1) Hold your head in your hands
2) Apply pressure to the specified points with your fingers
3) Breathe deeply

You can repeat the process until you feel the tension release.

Continue your journey with us

Now that you’ve alleviated some tension, we invite you to step into our Japanese garden. Do you remember the grapefruit bath? For many, it’s a favourite spot in Caldea.

Enjoy the moment. You’ll be bathing in it again soon.

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