Resolutions for beginning the year with a better lifestyle

A new year is beginning, and, as in every January, you will certainly have in mind a list of objectives to achieve, health wise, in 2018. But how many of the objectives on the list will be forgotten until the next New Year? Below, we show you how to ensure that this will not happen again!

Step by step

When choosing your goals, be realistic! If it is many years since you went running, there wouldn’t be much sense in trying to run a marathon in the first six months ‒ this might seem an extreme example, but we all tend to set ourselves goals which are too ambitious, and which we quickly abandon precisely because there is little chance of achieving them. Reverting to the example of running, you could begin by alternately walking briskly and running, then running for a couple of kilometres. You could then try a run of five kilometres around the month of June. Much more realistic, don’t you think?

Cherish your little successes

Set yourself an objective, but don’t forget the intermediate steps that are necessary to achieve it. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t become obsessed with this – instead, allow yourself an occasional caprice. If you are combining healthy food with an active life, and little by little are losing those surplus kilos, there would be no harm in rewarding yourself with a little something that you fancy: that dessert which you like so much, a T-shirt with your favourite pattern, or that spa treatment which you have always dreamed about ‒ you choose!

Don’t give up at the first setback

Sometimes not everything turns out as we expect it to, but this is no reason to give up. If you have clear objectives and really want to achieve them, wipe the slate clean, and try again. Try to discover where you went wrong, and correct your mistake as far as possible.

Don’t try to find excuses!

It’s easy to fall into temptations which divert us from our purpose, but we must not make excuses for ourselves. Stress, lack of time, pressure of work are merely easy excuses by which we try to explain why our diet is not as healthy as it should be, why our life is too sedentary, or why we can’t stop that habit of smoking after meals…

It’s better in company ☺

If you have shared goals, everything becomes easier. You motivate each other, you progress together, and the burden is easier to bear. For example, if you want to do some physical exercise but can’t find time for it, join some supervised classes. The group dynamics will become your best ally, and will encourage you to attend all the classes, and to press on until you achieve all your objectives.

It doesn’t matter what objective you set yourself for this new year. If your goals are realistic, and if you make steady efforts to reach them, you will succeed. You can do it!

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