#Boom… Make it beat this Valentine’s Day in Caldea’s private spa

Get ready to experience unforgettable moments with your partner this Valentine’s Day in Caldea. Discover the most secret and intimate corner of our centre: the Private Spa.
A space that you and your partner can reserve to enjoy completely by yourselves. What more could you ask for on Valentine’s Day?

Don’t let them find you…

Admission to our private spa can be completed with an all-day pass to Inúu, Caldea’s adults only spa. From 10 a.m. until midnight, you can make the most of bathing in the thermal waters of the berlingot, the central lagoon and the outdoor Jacuzzis, or relaxing in the reactivation spaces and watching a stunning mountain sunset. You can also try all the baths in our other spas: Thermoludic and Origins. Will just one day be enough?

A one-hour massage

There’ll only be one hour of the day when you’ll have to be apart, and that’s when it’s time for the massage. A full hour dedicated solely to you. Take the opportunity to relax and connect with your senses.

The Private Wellness

To get to this special area you’ll have to venture into the heart of Inúu to the centre’s most tranquil and zen floor, where the area reserved for treatments and massages can be found. In the Private Wellness, the two of you will have exclusive access to a Jacuzzi, a hammam, a sauna and contrasting showers. The perfect time for a chocolate treat, a glass of cava and… whatever you fancy!

If you’ve made it this far, you must be in the mood for a truly romantic Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss out, book your admission to Inúu with the Private Spa and a one-hour massage. At Caldea, the whole of February is Valentine’s Day. And we’re in luck as it’s a leap year, so we can celebrate love right up until 29 February. Don’t miss it!?

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