Caldea brings the reopening of Inúu forward to 18 July


Caldea’s adults only spa will also limit its capacity and implement a range of extraordinary safety measures

Caldea is bringing forward the reopening of Inúu, its adults only space, to 18 July after it was initially planned for 1 August. The company, anticipating an increase in bookings from the second half of July, has decided to reopen this spa and bring back almost all the furloughed staff. This space will also see its capacity reduced in relation to the maximum capacity to ensure a distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained between groups of visitors. In addition, hygiene and disinfection will be stepped up in all the facilities, the waters will be treated with broad-spectrum disinfectants that have been approved by the WHO, and new hygiene standards will be established, such as compulsory showers, in order to provide a complete wellness experience in a safe environment. Inúu customers will also be able to enjoy the new panoramic lagoon, as the price of admission includes free access to Thermoludic. Likids, the spa that’s exclusively for children, will remain temporarily closed.

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