New year; new treatments at Caldea. Discover them here!

We’re kicking off the year with amazing innovations to our massage menu which include broadening our range of Ayurveda treatments. In total, we have six new rituals performed by expert professionals from India. Don’t miss out this year!

3 Massages in 1

The Anti Voage Fatifa is the most complete choice. Ninety minutes and three stages of pure relaxation. First, we relax your body with a gentle herbal oil massage which also extends to the head and face. Yes indeed… you heard that correctly!
This is one of just a few relaxing non-beauty treatments that also include the cranial and facial area. It’s followed by a massage using pindas filled with medicinal herb leaves. And finally, the third stage is dedicated to balancing the body and mind while boosting circulation. Without doubt, it provides an invigorating dose of energy!

To release tension

The Kateevasthy treatment includes a full-body massage with gently warmed oil. Hot pindas are then introduced, but this time to massage the back, neck and shoulders (the areas of the body that typically get most tight). The massage concludes when warm medicinal oil is applied to promote circulation and relieve stress.
The treatment last 75 minutes, which will fly by!

The most original

The Head Neck Shoulder with Shidora lasts 45 minutes and concentrates on the upper body. This time around, oil is applied to the forehead and dispersed as the head, neck and shoulders are gently massaged. Don’t forget; as well as leaving the cabin feeling completely disconnected from the world, you’ll also notice that your hair is shinier!😉

Relax Express

If you’re short on time, 30 minutes is sufficient to achieve a moment of peace thanks to our new Hindu treatments:
Abhyabgam is a gentle massage that focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, hands and legs while helping to improve rest and alleviate stress.
Ayurvedic Leg Care is a ritual that eases lower body discomfort by combining movements with pindas filled with medicinal leaves.
Ayurvedic Soine Care is the one for you if you need to relieve muscular pain in the back, lumbar region or shoulders with oil and hot pindas.

We can keep describing them for days, but it’s never going to be the same as coming to experience them for yourself. So choose your favourite Ayurvedic massage and get ready for your getaway to Inúu, the Caldea spa that’s exclusively for over-16s.

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