This autumn, spoil yourself and care for your skin with our most complete beauty treatment

As summer draws to a close and autumn creeps in, it’s essential to repair your skin and prepare it to face the winter. We’ve got the perfect complete treatment that cares for your face, body and hair. Do you want to know more?

Get ready for winter with our most complete skin treatment

Put yourself in our expert hands and after 90 minutes of beauty care you’ll leave feeling brand new. African Gommage is a comprehensive beauty treatment with 3 stages:
• Let’s get things started in the hammam, where you can relax for 10 minutes while your pores open up. Thanks to the steam in this Turkish bath, your skin will soften and the dermis will become more receptive to the benefits of the products that we’ll apply during the treatment.
• Then we move on to bodily exfoliation with black soap, which will be applied with a horsehair glove to help the product penetrate more effectively and completely cleanse the skin. Black soap is a natural exfoliant that softly scrubs while eliminating toxins and removing dead cells, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. It will also be applied to the hair during a gentle head massage.
• To finish, we moisturise the body, face and hair with argan oil. This oil has many beneficial properties:
– it is a great natural healing agent
– it is a powerful antioxidant, due to its vitamin A and E content
– it provides deep moisturisation
– it has potent anti-ageing effects
– it helps to restore the radiance of skin and hair that has been damaged by external factors
The result: your skin is softened and hydrated while your hair is naturally repaired and conditioned.

This beauty ritual gets its name from its products, black soap and argan oil, which originate in Morocco. The types we use at Caldea are also 100% natural 😉

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Now you know what to do in the autumn evenings to prepare your body and get your skin back to 100% after the summer.

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