Real Food, the nutritional movement that’s a hit on Instagram

If you’re interested in nutrition and you’re always on the lookout for ways to stay in shape and maintain healthy lifestyle habits, we’re sure you’ve heard about #realfood. But if you’re still in the dark, let us tell you all about it. You’ll definitely be impressed!

Real Food

It’s the movement that’s taking Instagram by storm. Many of this social network’s profiles are touting its benefits and promoting it on their accounts. Carlos Ríos and Futurlife21 are just two of the influencers who are highlighting this lifestyle which advocates eating real food instead of stuff that is ultra-processed.

You might be wondering, what’s considered real food?

According to Carlos Ríos, real foods are those that are unprocessed or only minimally processed, and during this industrial or artisanal process the quality of the product has not been harmed. It involves eating unprocessed products that do not contain large amounts of additives, such as artificial flavourings, sugar, salt and other preservatives. For this nutritionist, a well processed product is one that has been minimally altered and retains the healthy properties that make it safer, long-lasting and palatable or easy to eat. These products may contain some additives or preservatives.
Ultimately, eating real food means going back to the foods and recipes of your grandmother’s lifetime while knowing and understanding what you’re eating at all times. Eat fresh, healthily processed products while avoiding ultra-processed foods so you can get more nutrients and feel great.

Combine great food with a getaway to Andorra

And once in a while, don’t forget to escape the routine and do some different activities. Enjoying our thermal waters, which could also be described as “real”, is the perfect reward after a hard week of work and is certain to boost your motivation to maintain good habits.
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