Baths inspired by ancient caves? Only at Caldea!

At Caldea you can enjoy thermal waters, but you can also find themed areas and unique baths that separate us from conventional spas. You can bathe in a grapefruit-filled bath in the Origins spa, relax in one of our three different hammams, or even imagine that you’re in the natural pools of Pamukkale, the inspiration for Inúu’s indoor lagoon. And don’t forget the iconic Indo-Roman baths. Are you familiar with their history, or how best to use them? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Baths inspired by ancient caves

The Indo-Roman baths are inspired by the Elephanta Caves located on the island of the same name, just off the coast of Mumbai. These 2000-year-old caves feature sculptures dedicated to Hindu deities carved into the rock.
You’ll find our Indo-Roman baths next to Thermoludic’s main lagoon, with an entrance that resembles the mouth of a cave. Inside, you’ll encounter two bathing areas (one with hot water at 36º, and the other with cold water at 14º) which are complemented by the relaxation area.

Contrasting temperatures for toning the body

Just like the rest of our centre, the Indo-Roman baths are filled with thermal water. So, in addition to benefiting from its natural properties, you’ll also experience the intensity of the effects of the contrasting temperatures.
Moving between hot and cold water is perfect for toning the muscles and activating the circulation in the legs. To obtain the best results, we recommend starting with the hot water for about 10 minutes, then submerging yourself in the cold water for a few seconds, before finishing off by taking a moment to rest in the relaxation area.

As you can see, you can find unlimited spas and areas for having fun or relaxing, depending on the experience you’re seeking in Caldea.
Are you ready to try these baths?

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