Are you familiar with Caldea’s three hammams?

The hammam is without doubt one Caldea’s top attractions. And we don’t just have one to offer you, you’ll find three Turkish baths in our various spas which are all perfect for rounding off the thermal water circuit. Have you already tried them all?

A very beneficial experience with a rich heritage

The Hammam, also known as a Turkish bath, is a steam sauna. It’s one of history’s oldest bathing traditions and was once a place for socialising and relaxation. If you’d like to learn more about it, we describe its origins in this article.
At Caldea, we combine the steam with eucalyptus essence and the ambient temperature is about 55ºC. The hammams feature a cold water source so you can cool off and benches that will allow you to sit comfortably and drift away for a while.
The hammam’s most well-known beneficial effects include:
• Opening the respiratory tract and improving respiration. The eucalyptus essence also helps to hydrate the airways
• Expelling toxins through the skin’s pores
• Noticeably softer and more hydrated skin
• Promoting relaxation: releasing tension and alleviating stress

The hammam as part of the thermal water circuit

Once you’re inside the centre and you’ve bathed in the thermal waters, make your way to any of our hammams. We recommend between 10 and 15 consecutive minutes each time you use one, as well as starting and finishing with cold water so you can experience the contrasting temperatures and tone your body at the end.
In Thermoludic, you can find the hammam in the reactivation area next to the standard and infrared saunas. Start in the Icelandic bath, and to reactivate yourself at the end of the session, opt for the polar passage and vaporisation.
The Turkish bath in Origins, the spa that can be found on our first floor, is the most unique of the three. You can access it if you purchase admission to Inúu or book a massage with your admission to Thermoludic.
If you find yourself in Inúu, you can enjoy the hammam in the reactivation space. This area also boasts water beds, chromatic showers with varying pressures, benches and warm walls, and the salt-wall sauna. An entire itinerary designed to help you escape from everything and relieve little day-to-day muscle aches.

Do you know of another spa with more than one hammam? Caldea is a spa unlike any other spa, where you can find three different Turkish baths. We dare you to try them all during your next visit to Caldea 😉

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