Fashion trends for autumn 2017

A new season arrives and with it a new opportunity to revamp your wardrobe! The temperature and the weather will be changing, and with them, the types of garments we will be wearing. But these are not the only factors that will transform our wardrobe, the season’s trends will also be important… and the 90s are making a comeback!

Here are some tips to help you stay on trend in the coming months.


Although the brown palette is an autumn classic, if you want to stand out we suggest you try the vibrant tones that will be taking over the catwalks.

Whether combining several shades in one outfit or using it for the main garment, blue is a must. It doesn’t matter how light or dark it is, as long as it stands out.

Another major colour this season is crimson, but only for small garments or accessories and combined with more sober tones.

And if you are a lover of prints, small floral motifs or leopard prints will be your best friends.


As for the garments, outfits will take on a more serious character, closer to office suits than casual attire.

If you prefer clothing that is more fun, army-style jackets or “mom jeans” (very high-waisted, straight-cut jeans) will be an essential for your wardrobe.

With regard to shoes, ankle boots will once again be the star of the season, although this time they will have to share the podium with knee-length boots.

We bet that some of these items will have been hidden somewhere in your wardrobe for many seasons. Delve into your pile of 90s clothes and you’re sure to find them. And if you feel like wearing something new, check out the collections in the windows along the high streets of Andorra.

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